I'm so thankful for all the following friends and acquaintances who have enriched my life and my work with their own (and for many others too numerous to mention here):

Ellias Lonsdale, my teacher, the visionary who created Star Genesis, a new form of astrology I've been using for twenty years. A reclusive wizard, he does not have a web link (or even a computer!) but can be reached for readings at 808 785-6800.

My publisher, Frog Books, a division of North Atlantic Books, who, in conjunction with Random House, published my first book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future. North Atlantic is well-known in the industry as a quality publisher of metaphysics, spirituality, martial arts, health, children's books and fiction. They have backed my writing every step of the way, and come highly recommended.

Rob Brezsney, author/astrologer, who, as a personal acquaintance with my teacher, Ellias Lonsdale, wrote a nice back cover book review for me.

Diana Chapman, an amazing transformational coach, who, as my Santa Cruz angel, booked up all my slots for readings the last time I toured the west coast as Soul Level Astrologer.

Bonnie Colleen, of Seeing Beyond Radio, who helped me launch my astrology career in 1989, and has been a staunch supporter of my work ever since.

Jan Regent, excellent web designer/fine artist/graphic artist/jewelry artist, who recently recreated my website to its current cosmic design.

The Mountain Astrologer, who published my early astrology articles when I was starting out twenty years ago. This is an excellent all-around magazine for people interested in the many varieties of traditional astrology.

Stephanie Azaria, an inspired astrologer, who regularly runs my cosmic weather reports on her very popular website.

My dear friend Deborah Koff-Chapin, creator of touch drawing and Soul Cards.

Jeff Wignall, my childhood friend and fellow writer (and a great photographer and D.J.)

Peter Selgin, artist, author, teacher, my long-time collaborator and bohemian fellow muse-chaser.

Marcella Eversole, creative muse/inspired marketing genius for Soul Level Astrology, co-founder of

Janet Lee Henderson, excellent personal publicist.

Rob Callahan, fellow student in our original mystery school under the redwoods described in my 2012 book.

Great consulting group in Santa Cruz, CA.