College of Visionaries & Wizards

                   2014 - 2015 Class Curriculum


                                 Celebrating our seventh year of classes.

As the crazy karmic rollercoaster of modern life intensifies out there on the world stage, we're grateful, here at Soul Level Astrology, to enter the seventh year of our mystery school offerings, mostly by telephone and email, but this year with the addition of some exciting in-person gatherings as well.


Our two-and-a-half-year, five-part accreditation program continues with Chart Reading Level 1 & Chart Reading Level 4 TeleClasses, which instruct students in the powerful soul-level methods Mark uses to read birth charts. After twenty-seven years creating and practicing Soul Level Astrology, Mark developed a 5-part series to teach others to read charts in the same magical, multi-dimensional way. These classes form lasting bonds between students interested in excavating the deeper dimension of not only the birth chart but of life itself.

Everyone registering for Level 1, which begins January 2015, is invited to attend our optional introductory fall semester Introduction to Chart Reading (at no extra charge) to familiarize yourself with the language of Star Genesis and Soul Level Astrology, which is different than traditional astrology, as well as to introduce you to traditional chart reading concepts.

Classes are conducted as weekly two-hour phone calls with an optional in-person weekend per semester in our rustic Vermont home. Downloadable recordings of each class are available to all students, as is our ongoing email discussion group, which augments class discussion.

(Local long-distance rates apply.)



We invite you to Tribal Drumbeat, our annual membership program, that includes free attendance to monthly Zodiac Teleclasses as well as a $100 discount on private Soul Level Astrology readings.  For $15 per month,   Tribal Drumbeat  offers easy access to this year's offerings, and introduces you to other daring and inquisitive souls around the world interested in personal transformation and social change.

This year's program features Living Your Life-Art Through the 12 Signs monthlyTeleclasses, and Ushering in Aquaria, a special three-part TeleClass series.

As always Mark continues to offer private sessions by phone and in-person, for those who can make it to Vermont, or sit with Mark on his annual trips to northern California.  Learn more about soul sessions.

Be sure to read Mark's ground-breaking books, 2012:Crossing the Bridge to the Future, and Cosmic Weather Report, which are gripping, page-turning mystical adventures of the real world. Order at your local bookshop or on Amazon.


Welcome, everyone old and new aboard the soul train! 

Mark & Marcella

2014-15 Tribal Drumbeat Annual Membership Program

We’re excited to launch a new year of Tribal Drumbeat -- our circle of spirit that connects like-minded souls around the planet.

The program costs $15 per month and runs from September to September, though you can join as late as November 15 and receive prior recordings of this year's classes.


1) $100 off one 80-minute private Soul Level Astrology Reading with Mark Borax.  This can be scheduled any time during the membership year after your ninth month of participation, and requires a full year's membership to qualify. Learn More

2)  Free Admission to this year's Living Your Life-Art Through the 12 Signs TeleClass, conducted by phone on the 2nd Saturday of the month between September and June at 4:30 pm Eastern U.S. time..

3) Free Participation in Ushering in Aquairia, three 90-minute panel-discussions, conducted by phone September 20, December 13 and March 14 at 2:30 pm Eastern U.S. Time.  Each panel features Master Astrologer Mark Borax with two other leading visionaries (TBA) of our time.

4.) Access to listen (not download) Zodiac class recordings from previous years .

5.) Participation in our first annual in-person Tribal Drumbeat Communiy Circle at our rustic home with swimming pond in southern Vermont on August 15, 2015 from 10 am to 4 pm. A portion of this event will be available for those who can only attend by telephone via conference call.  The gathering features music, drumming and circling up to explore living your Life-Art.  A related, but more in-depth workshop on Living Your Life-Art will be held the following day August 16, from Noon to 5 pm for $75, a discount from the public admission.

Sign up for your Tribal Drumbeat Membership for $15 a month. (If you're already a member, do nothing and your 2013-2014 membership will automatically transfer to this year.)


2014-2015 TeleClass Offerings


Class          Living Your Life-Art Through The 12 Signs

Dates                Second Saturdays of the month, September,  2014- June, 2015 

Time                 4:30 - 5:30 PM Eastern U.S. Time

Instructor       Mark Borax with Marcella Eversole

Cost                   $20 drop-in. $165 for the series

                            Free to Tribal Drumbeat members.


Via conference phone calls, Master Astrologer Mark Borax examiness the "life-art" of each sign during the time that we're in it. And because we each possess all twelve signs in some unusual blend, there'll be something for everyone on each call.

  Beneath the crazy changes of life, your soul has an underlying artistic purpose for incarnating, and each Zodiac sign offers a unique creative capacity to spring that art and turn life into a journey of active inspiration. In his characteristic discourse method of drama, insight and humor, Mark guides us through these 12 life arts during a monthly TeleClass that will be recorded for all participants. (Leo and Cancer will be taught close to their time, to fit all twelve into the college schedule.) This class assumes no prior knowledge of astrology and is open to all. Class recordings will be emailed to participants.

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   Class is held by phone from 4:30 to 5:30 pm Eastern U.S. Time on second Saturdays (except September and June which include two classes each month.)


The Art of Leo: Finding & Freeing the Selfless Self

Saturday, September 13

The Art of Virgo: The Perfection of Imperfection
       Saturday, September 20

     The Art of Libra: Balancing Bliss & Discord
      Saturday, October 11

      The Art of Scorpio: Soul Wrestling Down the Transcendental Highway
      Saturday, November 8

*Special Introduction to the Birth Chart-- Marcella Eversole introduces you to a few key features of your own personal birth chart immediately prior to our Living Your Life Art TeleClass.

Saturday, November 22 from 3:00 to 4:30 Eastern U.S. Time

      The Art of Sa
gittarius: Finding a Passion that Sets the World Aflame
      Saturday, December 13


The Art of Capricorn: Mastering Earth Plane Magic
       Saturday, January 10

      The Art of Aquarius: Morphing a Galactic Inteligence

      Saturday, February 14

      The Art of Pisces: Bull dozing Karma into Grace
      Saturday, March 14

     The Art of Aries: Trailblazing Love & Liberty

      Saturday, April 11

     The Art of Taurus: Tapping the Hidden Treasure Within
     Saturday, May 9

     The Art of Gemini: I see you & raise you!
     Saturday, June 13

    The Art of Cancer: Inhabiting theThings That Things Live In
     Saturday, June 27

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Class          Ushering In Aquaria TeleClass

Dates               Saturdays September 20, December 13 and March 3

Time                 2:30 - 4:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time

Instructor       Mark Borax with two other visionary speakers (TBA)

Cost                   $15 drop-in. $35 for the series

                            Free to Tribal Drumbeat members.

As we complete the 3-year series of Uranus/Pluto Squares that usher us into the Age of Aquaria, we're hosting three 90-minute panel calls, where Mark teams up with two other speakers
to explore the following themes, linked to the final three squares. These panel calls will take place on Saturdays, prior to the monthly Tribal Drumbeat calls on the following dates:

Finding True Power
Sept 20, 2:30 pm Eastern U.S. time

Drop-in for $15

Creating Your Vision of the New
Dec 13, 2:30 pm Eastern U.S. time

Drop-in for $15

Community Action: Calling the Circle

March 14, 2:30 pm Eastern U.S. time

Drop-in for $15

Register for all three panel discussions for $35.

Soul Level Astrology Two-Year Certification Program

Testimonials  from recent graduates

This Winter, we're beginning Level 5 of a two-and-a-half-year, five-part program to become a certified Soul Level Astrologer that began in January, 2013.

We're also enrolling students in our next certification program that begins February 5 2015. Please let us know of your interest.


Class        Soul Level Astrology Chart Study Level 1 2015

                         17 weekly TeleClasses by phone plus an optional in-person weekend

Dates             February 2015 - June 2015

Time               Thursdays, 6 - 8 PM Eastern U.S. Time

Instructor   Mark Borax with Marcella Eversole

Cost:              $695 until January 15, 2015, $750 late registration.

                        2015 Level 1 Syllabus

This will be a hands-on class using students’ birth charts to learn the step-by-step method Mark uses to study charts.  Mark and Marcella provide basic building blocks of learning to read charts on a soul-level. The birth chart, which can initially seem like an incomprehensible pattern of gobbledy-gook, will now take shape as an inexhaustible resource for a lifetime’s insight. The class is designed to build trust and intimacy, as we explore our journeys through love, death, sex karma and grace.

Using unpublished reference material from Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Genesis, and his own private study book, Mark will make the art of chart interpretation understandable in sequential lessons. This course is designed to teach you to decode the multidimensional mysteries of the birth chart. No previous astrology experience or desire to become a practicing professional astrologer is necessary, though a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of traditional astrology can be helpful. We’re seeking students willing to venture beyond traditional interpretations of planets and signs, and form a tight study group with a small band of spiritual outlaws. By spring, students will have completed Soul Level Astrology Training Level 1, the first of a five-part curriculum toward certification by Mark as a Soul Level Astrologer. 


Building Blocks of Star Genesis: The Four Angles of the birth chart, Moon phases, Stars of Destiny, Dharmic Currents, Aspects and Houses.  Toward the end of the series we’ll launch independent study projects to equip students to teach us what they’re learning. 

Chart Study Level 1 consists of 17 sessions, mostly two-hour TeleClasses on consecutive Thursdays, plus an optional in-person session at our Vermont home.

Register by January 15, 2015 for $695 and avoid the late registration fee of $750




Class        Chart Study Level 4

                         15 TeleClasses

Dates              September 2014- December 2014

Time               Mondays 6 - 8 pm Eastern

Instructor   Mark Borax

Cost:              $695 by January 15, $750 late registration


Register by January 15, 2015 for $695 and avoid the late registration fee of $750.