Bring on Aquarius:

The Link Between 1966 and 2012

In the Spring of 1966, Year of the Fire Horse, a powerful conjunction occurred between Uranus and Pluto, which formed the transformative core of the Sixties. Uranus rules Revolution. Pluto destroys antiquated social structures that block change. When these forces came together with explosive impact in Virgo – Sign of Renunciation -- the electrifying message shot through mass consciousness that we had to renounce the past. “I refuse to recognize your authority,” became the rallying cry of the young, who stood up to the Old Guard, defying its edicts, and denouncing its folly, clearing the decks for something new.

Though we didn’t know what exactly to replace it with, we knew, with unflinching gut instinct, that we had to leave the old behind. True to youth, most of us were more aware of what was wrong than right. Our burning need to cast down the Establishment and sever allegiance with the past precluded the gaining of substantial life wisdom, which must become the rallying cry of the current time.

The main folly of our time is the twisted leadership of corrupt power, which must be replaced by new structures that reflect the visionary ideals of the sixties, while breaking free of that era’s excesses. Higher truths embedded in Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon’s visionary dreams must be shorn clear of Sixties hot-headed escapism, and leavened by a more seasoned wisdom to meet the exigencies of our time.

June 24, 2012: Entering Aquarius

The next stage in the long-term Evolutionary Dance between Uranus and Pluto occurs on June 24, 2012, during the first square between the Planets. Just like a New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon conjoin each month, launching a seed of consciousness that takes root seven days later on the Half Moon Waxing, seeds of a different sort are planted when any two planets come together, and take root when the planets orbit ninety degrees away from each other, during the square. The New Moon of world revolution was seeded when Uranus and Pluto met in 1966. Between 2012 and 2015, that seed reaches its deepest penetration of mass consciousness, during the three squares that occur in these years. This summer we enter the Half Moon Waxing of the 1960s. Seeds of change planted then steady to their deepest root. During the next three years, you’re being recruited to aim all your magical strength toward bringing a vision of love, peace, truth and well-being down from the clouds.

Dismantling the False World

Despite the lies and distortions of mass media and politicians, we’re on the verge of dismantling the false world and creating a new one like never before. The false world is the state where nothing is as it appears to be, and the shared psychic field is ravaged by repressed cross-currents and buried truths, that sharply contradict the view from the surface. Politicians and “leaders” talk sideways, offering promises worth about as much as they were when we stole this country from the Indians. The new world rising is the world you create each time you choose love over fear. Each time you dare yourself to believe in your most deeply rooted positive dream of life on earth, you sweep away illusion and plant something real, that others will recognize and get in on.

When last year’s Arab Spring catalyzed Occupy Movements in the U.S. and elsewhere, the first major cracks in the dominant world culture that have been seen since the 1960s appeared, making change immanent. Between 2012 and 2015, you can pry open these cracks by dreaming into the new, discussing it, trying it on for size, testing its truth, and not holding back. Each of us has our own creative banner to unfold, our own cry for change, our own ground to stand strong on to bring on Aquarius. No one is exempt from the evolutionary need of our time.

Instead of waiting for mass consciousness to catch on, catch the cutting edge of this wave of transformation, and surf it as far as you can. Be vigilant during the summer of 2012 for signs that the Sixties are alive and kicking. If you do, you’ll join the early stages of a worldwide movement rising in many countries, cities, and states, the movement to kick false leaders out of office, untwist the twisted policies of our time, and return the birthright of love, peace and well-being to each citizen of the planet.



by Mark Borax